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Velocity Educational Equipments ?

Velocity Educational Equipments are into Education Supplies, Activities & Kits, Science Equipments, Technical Apparatus, Learning Aids and Laboratory Equipment, caters for the needs of teachers in schools, colleges and universities.

Our supplies are available in the following sections:

Labware and Supplies - Laboratory equipments

Choose from thousands of basic supplies sourced from a global network of manufacturers to fully outfit your classroom and lab
Supplies for Every Science – High quality equipment and materials for biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science appropriate for instruction in high schools and middle schools

Lab equipment – from spatulas to Van de Graaf generators
Microscopes and magnifiers
Thermometers – fridge, soil and window models
Primary kits – for learning about nature, geology, the physical sciences and electricity
Secondary kits – specialising in DNA, forensics and dissection


The Body – anatomy models, skeletons of various sizes, body part models
Dissecting equipment – scissors, knives, dishes, models
Health and Nutrition – wide range of educational games, kits and resources to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet
The Environment - learning aids furthering the study of nature and wildlife


Balance, Pulleys and Weights
Circuit components
Electricity – including transmitters, receivers, solar cells and motors
Solar system – astronomical and geographical learning aids such as globes, models and floor mats
Motion, Motors and Accessories
Data logging


Microscopes - Innovative, intuitive, and incredible, these microscopes were created with input from teachers to be student-friendly, durable, and optically the best in educational microscopes. The industry standard in microscopes for education, every scope is backed by a lifetime, Unmatched Selection – From student-grade to professional quality, microscopes are available for study, research, and digital microscopy

Elementary Products

Comprehensive elementary product line - science, math, and reading products dedicated specifically to meeting the needs of elementary classrooms

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or feedback about our science products for Education, click here to contact us.

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